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March 26, 2008

Banana Splits

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Banana splits, are the pits,

My head spins a bit,

And nothing fits.

Rather you than me, actually,

Rather this than that, I’d rather be.

Instead of sat on and spat on – can’t we be back on ?


Devastated, instead of infatuated,

Down instead of round town like a clown,

All round instead of my feet on the ground,

Hit rock bottom, instead of un – kottam,

Bruised and used, instead of infused,

Accused and refused instead of enthused.



Punctured instead of functioned,

Deflated instead of abated,

Extorted and thwarted, not sorted,

Misunderstood, not feelin’ so good,

Sad, instead of glad,

Being called a bitch instead of bewitched and hitched.


Misbelieved instead of relieved,

Aggrieved not achieved,

Somewhat distracted, instead of exacted,

In hell, for a spell, instead of feelin’ rather well,

Filled with worry, instead of in a flurry,

Destroyed not overjoyed.




Full of full stops, rather than on tops,

Rejected, not conncected,

Maladjusted, rather than trusted,

Roasted instead of coasted,

Sore, wondering what it’s all for ?

Non – plus, instead of plus four.

… (repeat to fade).


© Jacqueline Richards 2008


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