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March 26, 2008

Don’t Come Down From The Mountain

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Come up here,

So you can see,

It’s as marvellous view of a mountain,

As there could possibly be.


Can understand why Nelson Mandela himself,

Said this remarkable thing,

From the tops of a mountain shelf,

Everyone can hear you sing.


To come down from the mountain,

Might just take,

Bigger steps,

Than it’s possible to make.



On the tops of mountains,

The world seems so small,

So then, also your worries become nothin’ at all,

It makes you feel ten feet tall.


Even a tiny ant,

Has a mountainous goal,

To get to the top of his mountain,

And to see the world whole.


Take a trek, or even a hike,

Soak up the horizon, as much as you like,

Soon, up the hill, you can take your fill,

Everything seems tranquil and still.


Perhaps, rather than come down,

We should meet half way,

Everything in life is just like that,

Given a chance, it takes your breath away.


But, if you take a minute to sit with me,

From off the top of the mountain,

You might just see, clearly,

All things are possible, eventually.


Put yourself on a pedestal,

Wrap me in your arms, so I don’t feel the chill (repeat to


© Jacqueline Richards 2008

Nelson Mandela said, “Don’t come down from the mountain, let the people come up to see you”, so this is dedicated to my inspiration for this song, Nelson Mandela, also  to the Sisters of the Cross, and the people of Rupandehi, who gave me the most beautiful view of mountains ever.


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