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March 26, 2008

Fool’s Gold

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Did a mischevious imp devise this scheme,

To make me feel this was really a dream ?

Perhaps it was a lepricaun,

Who thought I was a fool,

That I would think his pot of gold was pure,

Hidden by a fairy pool.



I am a fool I know for you,

But what I feel I feel is true,

Such a fool, I thought the imp’s gold was real,

That honey, his gold, like stolen kisses, I could steal.


I bought you a ring,

Which you put on,

It shone on your finger, just like the Sun,

Like a gold medal, that I have won,

The gold was realler and much more fun,

Second to none.




All of my life,

I’ve searched for a golden star,

A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,

Honey, I’ve travelled far,

Once, I even got stung by a bee,

Thinking that his honey may be free,

Gold for me, found underneath a tree.



Like fool’s gold, I hoped that your love’s not a trick,

That there’s plenty of gold for us all,

Which we can all simply pick.

Your love, like fool’s gold, is it a fake ?

If I dream, what will happen to the wishes that we make ?

There more than a pot of gold at stake.



© Jacqueline Richards 2008


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