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March 26, 2008

From Here To There

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There must be something special out there,

That’s worth fighting for : precious and rare,

But how do I get from here to there ?

To build a bridge that we can share ?

There are millions of people just like you,

Wondering the same things that you do, too.


A world as one,

With no war,

Human suffering is the enemy,

The only thing that we’re fighting for :

To improve the lot of the poor.


If we all fight together – on the same side,

As one, our true battles will be won,

With goodness as our guide,

And our troubles will be gone.

If everyone put their hands together,

They’d soon reach out to each other, as their brother,

Wishing upon a star, for peace and not war,

For an end to poverty, suffering and disease,

Giving the world a helping hand (so they’re not on their knees).



If we could half this burden …

Then, from here to there, wouldn’t seem so far,

The heavy burden we could share,

As we get from here to there.

Many hands make light work, they say,

If we all clap our hands together, as we make history,

Then our generation might just get a round of applause,

Our real cause is to get from here to there without a pause.


© Jacqueline Richards 2008


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