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March 27, 2008

Never Lose Sight Of You Goal

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If I were an athlete, my goal would be,

Perhaps a gold medal, from you to me,

But seeing as I love you, insatiably,

Then you’re the best goal that ever could be.

If I were a soccer star, then a hat – trick, of course,

Would be my goal, hopin’ for a first,

If I were a golfer, then a hole in one,

Would surely be my number one.



Darlin’ I’m your number one fan,

You’re simply better than anyone, man.

All my worries and my fears,

When you come near, disappear.

If it’s a championship win, that you’re after,

Or even a good night out – with lots of laughter,

Out of sight … babe, you’re my goal, my plight.

You make me take off to heights in flight.


If I were a chef, then my goal would be,

You invited for afternoon tea,

If I were a writer, a finished book,

Perhaps, would bring us considerable luck,

If I were a singer, then a perfect song,

Would be my goal, that I would sing strong and long,

If I was a horse racer, the finishing line,

Would be the goal that I’d never lose sight of,

For all time, just like you being mine.



Whatever your ambition and aspiration … like love to make you whole,

Never lose sight of you goal (repeat to fade).

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

Dedicated to the British sports teams


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