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April 7, 2008

I Believe

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I believe somewhere, there’s a place for me and you,

I believe in you, will you believe in me, too ?


I believe in the Sun more than anyone,

I believe in the wind, even when it’s gone.

I believe in you, you’re so much fun,

I believe that together, the race will be won.



But I only believe in what’s right and good,

Because you showed me a better way, as no other could.

I still believe not because anyone said I should,

Just that I knew that you believed in me and I knew you would,

That’s when I knew I could … and things would be good. 

I believe that one day, the worries of the world will all go away,

I believe in the future, and an end to suffering, of that I am sure,

I believe, one day, we’ll all get what we’re all hopin’ for,

I believe, one day, there won’t be pain anymore.



I believe in peace, I believe in truth,

I even believe what you tell me, Ruth,

I believe in magic, because there are stars,

I believe in moonbeams, though they tell me I’m from Mars.


I believe in passion and even in love,

I believe that one day, things won’t be so rough,

I believe in an end to world hunger, if we all hope enough.

I believe in warmth, no more cold.




I believe in kindness and the spirit of Man

I believe in the gospel, which told me I can,

I believe in heaven – where there is no sin,

Where Buddha, meets Allah ith Jesus and Jehovah, so real dialogue can




I believe that the reason why birds fly, is to give me something to watch as I

ponder why ?

Perhaps they’re singing hope to passer – by, so that no – one ever again will


I do believe, I believe it’s true,

I believe it all because of you (repeat to fade).

© Jacqueline Richards 2008


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