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April 8, 2008

Sing Together

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Some people prefer to sing alone,

To hit the high notes on their own,

They sing in alto and then so low,

With the unique voice and gusto of a suprano.



But together, if I sing with you,

A million other people may join in, too,

Then (as a crowd), we will rejoice,

And sing in unison, the same song, with one voice.


As the volume gets turned upto eight,

Slowly, around the world, the tune will reverberate,

On the Moon, rythmical tremors will shake,

And all the people of the world will hear the music that we make.




And if one of us, falls out of key,

The rest of us will lift them back harmoniously,

So all of us will sing as one,

Until our rendition is all done and the peace is won.




Even if someone forgets a word,

Or a chorister sings the wrong chord,

The music will still be sweet,

Because we’re all tapping our feet to the very same beat.




Even if no – one is listening to what we say,

We’ll sing our song, anyway,

Humming together the “om” though they may turn away,

Eventually, I know, the whole world will sway.




Over the noise and confusion,

Everyone will hear, our song of peace and reason,

Reaching out, from me to you,

In a voice that’s clear and true, making things new.




Everything that’s broken will be mended,

By the time our song is sung, the battle’s noise will be ended,

From North to South Pole, everyone will join in the dance,

So lifted by our song, they’ll be in a trance.




If, by chance, just one person thinks they’re not welcome,

We’ll sing our song louder, so everyone will hear and come (repeat

to fade).

© Jacqueline Richards 2008


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