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April 14, 2008

A Friend Is First A Stranger, Strangely A Stranger Becomes A Friend

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When we met, I was a friend in need,

Now, I find we’re friends, indeed.

Strange how we strangely became friends,

A friend is first a stranger,

Strangely a stranger becomes a friend,

That is where my song begins,

The same as at the end.


Reach out your hand, I don’t ask for much,

Just a simple caress and a gentle touch.

A friend is first a stranger,

Then things often get stranger, as such.

Strangely this stranger became my friend,

When my heart was broken,

I gave it to him to mend.

When I fell out of fashion and favour,

We got together and started a trend.




When all around me,

People didn’t seem to care,

You were the one who let me you were there,

It was the way that you ran your fingers through my hair,

From being a stranger,

There was strangely magic everywhere,

When we played true, kiss, command, promise or dare.




It may seem strange, strangely, I already know,

But when things started to become strange,

We strangely stayed friends, though we didn’t let our

feelings show,

Step by step, as our friendship began to grow,

Strangely I realised how my feelings sometimes start to


You’re simply the best friend, that I know.




Just to make friends, if I reach out my hand to you,

Maybe another million strangers will join us, too …

There won’t be any more bother, with you as my brother,

Yesterday’s enemy is tomorrow’s friend,

But to get from here to there, the dialogue shouldn’t end …

(repeat to fade)

© Jacqueline Richards 2008


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