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April 19, 2008

Kites In The Wind

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With you alone,

I am flown, blown,

Take me to a height,

Weightless and light,

Just in sight, like a kite.


Kites together,

Floating through the clouds,

A thousand feet above the ground,

In the wind, spinning around.

Circling in zero gravity,

Jumping off cliffs over the sea,

Following the flight of a bird,

Heading towards Heaven, completely free.




Kites in the wind,

High above the trees,

Over mountaintops,

Lifted by the breeze, with ease.

Below, I see, a million people, living busily,

But not a care in the world, has a kite, surely heavenly,

Although I may have no direction, it seems.

We dance together arm in arm, in wind streams.



Our waltz in the wind,

Takes us two kites,

Higher than the buzzards,

Travelling in full flight.

Kites together, in stormy weather,

You and me, with strings entangled,

Tango – ing kites, fandangled,

As the whistling wind is our magic jangle.



Everything, as kites that we do, makes me tingle,

Zooming through the air, with the birds as our jingle,

Everyone else may be in a barren wilderness,

But with you flying at my side, feelin’ sheer happiness … (repeat to fade)


© Jacqueline Richards 2008


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