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April 22, 2008

Don’t Play Chess Games With My Heart

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Don’t play chess games with my heart,

The King and the Queen should never be apart,

You move me here and there,

Changin’ places everywhere.



Can’t decide if I’m a Bishop or a pawn,

Your chess games are leavin’ me really quite forlorn.


Backwards and forwards, in a game of chance,

Knocked over once or twice,

Though I may be the knight in this romance,

Should be treated much more nice.




Moved around onto so many squares,

Can’t decide which chess piece is you,

Or if we’re still in pairs,

Your chess games with my heart are leaving me quite blue.




There aren’t any winners or losers in our game,

Thought I was on a winning streak,

But now, we’re matched the same,

Darlin’ you play chess games with me every week.



Just like a tennis ball, my head’s in a spin,

Perhaps we really should roll a dice,

So our game can properly begin,

Just to win once would be rather nice.


Your chess games leave me rockin’ ‘n’ rollin’ all over the board,

Squarin’ up for a duel,

But it’s only you for whom the points are scored.

Darlin’ you’re chess games are so cruel.



Don’t play chess games with my heart,

Your tactics are really drivin’ us apart,

In our chess game of love, one or two pieces get lost,

Sadly it’s my heartache, that is the ultimate cost.



© Jacqueline Richards 2008


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