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April 27, 2008


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Met a gal with golden hair,

Wasn’t long before I ran my fingers through her hair,

And eventually, we made a pair,

Now, in my life, there’s gold everywhere !



Waitin’ for the doorbell to ring,

Goldilocks’ a’ comin’ to do her thing,

There are golden notes, when Goldilocks starts to sing.


Golden marigolds shall I bring her,

A golden ring to put on her finger.

Golden rays of sun, in your golden locks,

Golden slippers, with golden socks.

You’re like a golden nugget inside a thousand rocks,

When you pass by, in the sky, there are gold

lightening shocks.

Golden girl, a golden medal is waiting for you,

My broken heart is stitched together with ya’ golden thread,

In a minute or two, you bring a golden Sun,

With more golden wishes than anyone.




With a golden smile, from a winner’s cup,

Ya’ golden nectar, shall I sup,

I’d climb a thousand golden miles,

Just to see Goldilocks with golden style,

Give me one of her golden smiles.

Goin’ for gold, with Goldilocks to hold,

Ya’ lovin’ embrace is golden, I’m told,

Keeps me warm when I am cold,

Gives me courage, when I’m not so bold.

All because Goldilocks, her golden tresses starts to unfold

(repeat to fade)


© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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