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April 29, 2008

Sisters And Brothers

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Sisters and brothers, I wanna talk to you,

Stand by your side, hold hands,

Let me walk with you,

It seems like, alone, no – one understands,

So take a minute, just a moment, if you don’t mind,

To explain a bit, about man and womankind,

Then we’ll stay as sisters and brothers, I think you’ll find.



Sisters and brothers, today’s the day,

No better opportunity to say what you want to say,

To do things in each of our own special way,

Yet, together, in unison, we will sway.


Sisters and brothers, shall we be as one ?

Resolve world peace, living harmoniously under one Sun,

We’re all a daughter, or a son,

So we deserve the best, to do our best, before we’re gone,

To live, love and leave the world a better place,

A global mission for our’s and the next generation of the human race,

Leaving out no – one, as sisters and brothers with everyone.




Sisters and brothers, what’s your grief ?

Things would be easier, if we all had one belief,

A symbol, a simple, single truth, in just one quotation,

That will inspire, stir and rock an entire nation,

Working together with all our co – operation,

As sisters and brothers, building a new world creation,

Like, sisters and brothers, we’ll meet at the railway station.




In a place of peace, of hope, of wonder,

A heaven, an oasis,

Where there’s no hell under,

Hear me, sisters and brothers, like thunder,

Let us join to put all hurt and hate asunder,

From one voice, to two billion billion and a hundred,

And, as sisters and brothers, we’ll forgive each blunder.



Soon, we’ll all have the very same name,

All agree the same rules of the same game,

Put aside, all disgrace, blame and shame,

Honestly, my sister, “You’re my brothers”, I’ll claim,

As the purest of light rays heavenly came,

We’ll meet again, rekindled as a flame,

As sisters and brothers, with one mother, the same.



A new world order will begin,

As we grow older, and newborn family members join in,

If only the world’s peacemakers would just do like us,

Meet half way, in an exodus,

I’ll walk the half – mile,

And you’ll walk the other,

In a while, no bother, you and I’ll all be like sister and brother.


© Jacqueline Richards 2008
Dedicated to my big brother x.

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