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May 6, 2008

All In A Day’s Sun

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From sunrise,

It’s no surprise,

That you’re the prettiest sight for sore eyes,

An oasis in the midst of the city’s hectic cries.

By eleven,

I’m in heaven,

The day plods on,

Until it’s seven.

When the day heats up,

And tempers get fraught,

I rest a while in your arms,

To feel the calm that you’ve brought.

Amidst the dust and haze,

It’s in your arms that I laze,

Even as the Midday sun’s ablaze,

The warmth of your shadow in my memory stays.

The temperature rises,

I see you in a million and one disguises,

You’re on the street, at the cafe bar,

Try to reach out to touch you, but you’re too far.

All afternoon,

About you, I hum a tune,

Dreaming about us,

Jet – setting off on our honeymoon, an exodus.

By three o’ clock,

I have a sun shock,

You’re takin’ a siesta,

As I rush home round the block.

Finally, when the day draws to a close,

I imagine you, without any clothes,

Stepping out of the shower,

Sweat dripping from your head to your toes

And when the Sun, is no more in the day,

Instead, to the moonlight,

We’ll whisper the things we want to say, all night,

Hoping that in the candlelight,

The Sun won’t go away and stay.

I guess that our love will never go out of fashion,

Because, all day in the Sun, I feel our passion … (repeat to


© Jacqueline Richards 2008


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