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May 6, 2008

Joy In The Morning

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Joy in the morning,

Joy all afternoon,

The minute I see Joy,

Oh ! boy ! I jump over the Moon and swoon,

Hopin’ to see Joy and feel Joy, so soon.

Joy is the gal who brings so much joy,

Without Joy in the world,

There’s no joy to enjoy.



There’s joy in the sunlight,

Whenever Joy passes.

Like a phoenix risen up from the ashes,

Her eyes glisten, when she flutters her eyelashes … (repeat to fade).


Joy’s so pretty,

She shakes the city,

When Joy rises in the morning,

From our bed,

There’s joy in the world,

Joy as “I love you”, she said.

All morning, Joy may be hard at work,

But all around her, the guys go beserk.




Sings a nightengale tune, so sweet,

Joyeously, my heart skips a beat.

People stop and stare around town,

Can hardly believe how Joy makes joy abound.

When Joy in the evening, rests by my side,

A joyeous aura floats nationwide.

It’s Joy I’m tribute to, when I sing, “How I love you so”,

Do you feel it, too ? Do you jump for joy as joyeously as I do,



She danced all day and sang all night,

That goddam soprano, Joy, was my delight,

Turn off de – light, I’m feelin’ up tight,

Ya’ high notes and low notes, are my delight,

Makin’ me feel quite alright.

I’m aware, Joy’s in the breeze, when her laughter fills the air,

If she simply goes shopping, there’s joy everywhere,

Especially when she runs her fingers through her hair.



The joy Joy brings at night is even better still,

There’s Joy in the shower,

In every flower in the vase on the windowsill.

Gal, ya’ really bring the Sun,

There’s joy all around Joy, for everyone,

Never knew a gal, who could do just that,

Who brings so much joy, at the drop of a hat.

That’s why my Joy is really so so special,

Because of the joy that Joy brings, she’s exceptional.


© Jacqueline Richards 2008



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