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May 7, 2008

Midnight Watching The Stars

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The chime of bells rings outside,

It’s way past midnight, but I’m awake, wide,

Tossin’ and turnin’, thinkin’ of you, yearnin’,

Cannot sleep a single wink,

All because I’m in love, I think.



It’s way past midnight, as I’m watchin’ the stars,

Fascinated by the beauty, of the cosmos near Mars,

Do you see it too ? The shooting stars that just flew ?

Are you looking at the same stars as I do ?


In my mind, I am still dancin’,

Rememberin’ us all night, romancin’,

It’s midnight, but my sleep is light,

Gotta kinda urge, to be watchin’ stars in flight.



Floatin’ into the cosmos, with such delight.

Ain’t no surprise, there are bags underneath my eyes,

But don’t seem to care,

As through the curtains, I look and stare.


Images of you are everywhere,

A chiffon negligee is all I care to wear.

Clouds pass across the Moon,

Lookin’ out of the window,

Wonderin’ if we’ll meet again, soon.


Sending you a Valentine, with all my best wishes,

That you’ll be mine.

The clock ticks, and minutes pass,

Whilst I’m still starin’ out of the windowglass.


The scent of your perfume is still on my chest,

As I lay down, on the pillow,

Longing for rest,

Watching the stars as they appear over the willow.

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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