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May 8, 2008

Dancin’ With The Rest Of The World

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I was dancing on my own,

Wasn’t much fun, music alone,

So I headed off down town,

Soon, met the rest of the world,

And we were spinnin’ around.

Off the ground, to the universe I was flown.

Didn’t know how to dance, but was shown,

Soon, away, all my cares and worries were thrown.


My humming started with the birds and the bees,

Then, as all the animals joined in, with ease,

Their tune floated along in the breeze,

There was strumming in the leaves of the trees.

The minute our music sheet unfurled,

All the peoples of the world began to be swirled,

Just like the globe, the Moon and the stars,

Our CD disc twirled, and took mankind to Mars.

The musical masterpiece we created together,

Was simply out of this world.


If we danced all the way to heaven and back,

Even in India, everyone would recite our track.

On the way, I met a man from the South,

Who sang like a bird, orchestrally,

The minute he opened his mouth.

We began slowly at first,

Then in joined the rest of the world, as the sun burst.

Dancing in the North, as well as the South Pole,

We danced to rythmn, blues and soul.


If we began our dance, then the world might join in, too,

Perhaps one or two foreigners won’t know what to do,

But, we’ll create a stamp so enormous,

It will shake mountains and glaciers, blue.

Soon moondust would float down to Earth from the Moon’s craters,

And the symphony would be greater.

Everyone would, of course, like to dance their own way,

Although the music’d be different, together one way we’ll still sway,

Even if we didn’t know the words, we’ll dance the sam way anyway.


We danced in Africa and flipped onto France,

In the Americas, everyone joined in our dance.

In Germany, when I forgot a step or two,

A kindly Frauline showed me what to do,

Very soon, all over Europe, we flew,

We joined hands in Spain and the beat started again,

Everyone agreed, this was the best way to entertain.


Wouldn’t it just be great,

If everyone joined us, tapping their feet, dancing on the street.

Doesn’t matter if it’s Winter, or we turn up the heat,

When we dance with the rest of the world,

It’d be a miraculous fete, with music so sweet.

We could learn the Highland fling,

Around the world, in China, they’d hear the ring,

What glorious unison, perhaps we could bring.


Maybe, in the dance that we pirouetted together,

From the Phillipines to the Cape Horn,

Will be a worldwide masquerade, and sunny weather.

Peace will be made, God’s son on the Earth, reborn,

Shore to shore, in the music that we all adorn,

The tune we sing will be so classic, it will be a pop hit, jurassic – fanastic !

So well loved and well known, that everyone will dance till the morn.


If we dance long enough, soon, we’ll all be so tired,

That we’ll rest together, and have no energy for war, retired,

By the harmony, much more inspired.

There won’t be any point, in fighting anymore …

That would be the whole point of our musical score,

So everyone will agree, that dancing in unison,

Bound arm in arm, is what we’re all really here for,

To one song, as one, beneath one Sun … (repeat to fade).

© Jacqueline Richards 2008


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