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May 8, 2008

Ready & Willing 4 Thrilling

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Are ya’ ready and willing,

For a bit of thrilling ?

Babe, in the sun, I’m grilling,

Come on, honey, get ya’ filly – frilly, filling.

Babe, what ya’ do to me is incredible,

No – one does things to me so exceptional,

Makes me feel, so utterly special,

In your arms, it’s sensational.

Honey, you are really magic,

To be apart, is really quite tragic,

I’m ready and willing for ya’ to do ya’ stuff,

Give me ya’ all, I can’t get enough.

It’s a matter of lovin’ one another,

Are ya’ ready and willing to be my lover ?

On the dancefloor,

I hope it’s me ya’ heading for,

Let’s start with a dance, romance and end with a wedding,.

Are ya’ ready and willing for a thrilling ?

Come and join me, in the bedding.

Are you ready and willing, with all you’re able ?

For a fairy tale and a “you and me” fable ?

In the candlelight, at a romantic table,

Close the door, the horse has bolted from the table,

Makin’ me feel just like Betty Grable,

From the grave, back to the cradle, I touch your navel.

Ready and willing, babe, for you,

Come do your thrilling, like only you can do,

Turn up the heat, but I’m still chilling,

Ready and willing, you’re really so thrilling.

© Jacqueline Richards 2008 


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