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May 9, 2008

Freedom’s Heavenly Jingle

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Man should never be in chains,

So, free your mind, and make love gains.

Again and again, I say to you,

Make a link, then break a link, too.

Freedom is a precious thing,

No drop of glue, no tie, no string.

When we hear a ball and chain clunk,

Let’s break bread, share life, freely take a chunk.

Man should never be kept under lock and key,

The spirit of man should only be free,

With the wind in his hair and the Sun everywhere,

To do as he pleases, with no single care.


A walk in the park, never scared of the dark,

If democracy is the firework, then freedom is the spark.

Freedom to look at the stars,

Not to be enslaved and kept behind bars.

An out – stretched arm, peace and calm,

If government is magic, then freedom is the charm.

That’s what it means to be free,

To speak your mind and think liberally.

See only what beauty you can possibly see,

To meet as equals and live in tranquillity.

Freedom for you and freedom for me,

Only with freedom, can mankind be in harmony.

There are no cages in freedom’s ages,

It’s the right of man for everyone, though it may come in stages.

Mankind should never be enslaved,

Freedom is on our hearts engraved,

Not something to be ridiculed, or waived,

Only with freedom, will mankind be saved.

Freedom doesn’t weigh heavy, but give us a lift,

When we’re adrift, freedom is a special gift.

If the troubles of the day weigh down heavy on me,

It raises me upto the mountain tops, 

Reminding me of the world’s beauty,

A waterfall that flows and never stops.

It’s your love, freely given, that keeps me striven

and freedom – driven,

That gives me sanctity and takes me to heaven.


Freedom is one of the only things in life,

When others tease, that gives me release and drives away


Your passion, brings freedom’ with utter ease,

It’s one of the few things that brings me from my knees.

It floats towards me, like bees through honey trees,

Heads off towards the skies, like butterflies on the breeze.

Whenever I am choked in the dust,

The spirit of freedom is like a breath of fresh air,

It’s in freedom that I trust.

Living at will, freedom is like a ray of Sun, shining on the


When I’ve fallen on hillside rocks,

It’s your love that opens the lid of my box.


In my room, quiet alone,

You crash down my cell walls and make the exit shown.

Into my jail, freedom is flown,

On a poor man’s head, with freedom, there’s a crown,

Ideas burst like seeds, which with freedom are grown,

Casts away clouds, wherever freedom’s hurricaine is blown.

Into the tunnel, you shine bright,

Glowing to guide me to freedom’s light,

Freedom shows me the way, when I am lost at night.

When I’m imprisoned in chains, freedom makes me feel


In the dark, on the walls, I write the name of “FREEDOM”, as

my mark,

Bathed in clear, blue waters, freedom keeps me safe from



Man should never be in chains,

Mankind should be free from prison’s pains,

As pure as true love has no stains,

Freedom grows, in the spirit of man, when it rains,

It flowers and blooms, as only freedom can do,

There’s really nothing, that with freedom, mankind can’t do.

Like an angel from Heaven,

Cries of “Freedom ! Hark !” are stark.

Thank Heavens for you, freedom’s angel,

The sight of you sends me a heavenly tingle,

Who with a gust of wind, beneath my gal’s wings,

Sounds freedom’s heavenly jingle, as she sweetly sings.

© Jacqueline Richards 2008
Dedicated to freedom, Aung San Suu Kyi, and the movement for democracy in Burma.

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