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May 10, 2008

My Princess’s Magic Kisses Wishes

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Babe, you’re really a princess,

So regal, so divine,

Let me be your Prince Charming,

And together, we’ll share wine and all will be fine.


Girl, there’s no – one for me but you,

Babe you’re really so swish,

For you to love me is all I wish … (repeat to fade).


You really should wear a crown,

But I prefer you bare, with only a ruby to wear,

When you strip off your gown,

We could parade in a carriage all over town.



Babe, you’re a princess,

There are diamonds in your eyes,

Courtesans rush to greet you, just like butterflies,

‘Cos of ya’ right royal beauty, it’s no surprise.


You grant magic wishes, I believe,

There’s a magic spell, in the kisses that I receive,

When you wave your magic wand,

It’s grand and I float off to a promise land.


Never known a girl,

With such majesty of you,

You really are royality, through and through,

My very own princess, and an angel, too.



Babe, you’re a princess,

There’s a tiara, in the aura around ya’,

A glass slipper on your tinsel toes,

When you leave the ballroom, all the magic goes.

Chorus … (repeat to fade)

© Jacqueline Richards 2008


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