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May 10, 2008

Walk The Talk

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You told me that you’d take me to beautiful places,

That I should wear something sexy, made from satin and laces.

We picnicked together, by a lake, on mountain faces,

You told me you loved me, I knew it was no fake.



Maybe, we’ll get lost on the way,

Maybe even, forget what to say,

But, babe, let’s walk the talk,

And do all the talk as we walk.

Children of the world,

Do you all understand ?

I really wanna make a stand,

So stand up, and hold up your hand,

I’ve gotta hand it to you,

The future’s in your own hand.

Stand with me, walk with me,

Maybe you can’t stand who you are, where you are,

But standing, together, we can all be free.

Stand one by another’s side,

There’s room enough for each of us,

No need to hide.


Whisper sweet nothings in my ear,

Tell me that I’m the one you hold dear,

We’ll saunter along, hour upon hour,

You’ll hold my hand and pass me a flower.




Perhaps we’ll run a mile or two,

Doing that things that lovers do,

It’s a great way to pass an afternoon, after two,

Watching the swans, talking of old times and making memories, new.




It will be a sunny trip,

Over pebbles, on the footpath, we may skip,

Maybe even in a waterfall, take a dip,

And you’ll plant a kiss to moisten my lip.




If your coat get caught on a bramble,

I’ll pull you loose, and we’ll continue our amble,

Sharing our feelings as we ramble,

Such happy time, never forget or regret that we took a gamble.




Sometimes, you may prefer a promenade,

Stopping off on the beach, for a sip of lemonade,

In the sand dunes, it’s great getting laid,

Then splashing in the surf, when the Sun begins to fade.




When it’s time for us to go home,

You’ll be my chaperone, rather than walk alone,

Hardly even notice, in my shoe, there’s a stone,

Then finally, its upstairs to bed, we tread.


© Jacqueline Richards 2008



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