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May 11, 2008

Shall I Compare Thee To A Summer’s Day ?

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Honey, never had such a good time,

As when, all summer, we drank summer wine,

The bees buzzin’ in the background, was really oh ! so


Away in the distance, I could hear a church bell chime.


I dare not compare you to a summer’s day,

Because sometimes summer day’s turn grey,

But the spirit of the Sun is around you always,

It’s what makes me love you in each and every way.


In your eyes, there are blue skies,

No wonder, in my heart, there are butterflies,

Your laughter is the breeze, in disguise,

There’s a whole rain shower, in just one of your cries.



Spent all day, lazing on the grass,

Put a daisy in your hair as I make a pass,

Never taught this kinda thing in class,

There was a touch of summer romance, that’s what it was.



You appear, your chiffon floating, from out of the haze,

That’s what I remember about those hot, summer days,

As we picnicked, a cow looks on, as he grazes,

But it’s your laughter which truly amazes.


As we walk along the path,

I compare thee to a sparrow,

Taking a dip in the bird bath.

Then a dragonfly, at twilight, in the aftermath.



Shall I compare thee to a day of Sun ?

Because there’s more rays in you than anyone.

Or perhaps, to the blooms and darling buds of June,

That shoot in the garden, to my summertime tunes.

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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