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May 11, 2008

Sold Down The River

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Up the creak without a paddle,

Your kinda lovin’ just leaves me in muddles,

Thunderstorms and stepping in puddles,

When all I wanted was lovin’ and cuddles.

Sold down the river, with your love,

Lightening flashes from above,

Really, babe, you take the ticket,

Your kinda lovin’ is just not cricket.

Found myself in a stream,

When all I wanted was a kinda dream,

Our romance was at first, peaches and cream,

But, honey, ya’ really just need to come clean.

Find myself floating in rapids on your river,

Started to slip, slide and sliver,

Luckily, in the white water, it was me that caught ya’

Kept adrift with the lifebelt I bought ya.

Sold down the river, love on the rocks,

Cryin’ so much that I’ve even wet socks,

Honey, won’t you show me the way to the docks ?

Let’s make up and turn back the clocks.

When I feel that no – one cares,

You cast me a lifeline and alight bright flares,

Pass me a handkerchief, to dry my tears,

Bring back the Sun, to wipe away my fears.

Sold down the river, ain’t no surprise,

But you whisk away the clouds and bring back blue skies,

When I’m sold down the river, with everyone’s lies,

You’re the one who hears my cries.

© Jacqueline Richards 2008



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