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May 13, 2008

All For One And One For All

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All for one and one for all,

Is all I really want from life, at all,

I’m sure that many people, too,

Just want one thing from life as I do,

But then, rather hope that this multiplies by two,

So they’ll find everything they’re dreaming for, too.



The point of all this is about no – one,

It’s just to tell you, you’re my number one.

Reminding me that you love me like no – one.

If you could pick one thing, from life, what would it be ?

What in your life would bring most santuary ?

What would give you meaning, true ?

Would make you feel like new ?

What would make a single diamond in your crown stick like glue ?


Would it be peace, life, love or understanding ?

Come on, honey, do your thing …

A guitar still plays with even one less guitar string …

All for one and one for all,

That’s what you should think, when you feel so small,

And if you find one’s not enough,

Get up on the dancefloor with me, do your stuff.


All for one and one for all,

One small brick, when together,

Eventually, becomes an enormous wall.

A single note becomes a tuneful bird call,

Inch by inch, when added, eventually becomes twelve feet tall,

Every snowstorm is first one flake that begins to fall.




Imagine yourself pieced together, like small peas in a pod,

Very soon, if you’re helped to climb life’s beanstalk,

You may find that you meet God.

Just take one step, then do a moonwalk,

All for one and one for all,

A single kick becomes a goal scored by a ball.

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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