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May 13, 2008

Sound Of The “Om”

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Didn’t know quite what to say,

But when I stood on mountains, felt the sway,

So decided that perhaps it would be best,

To try calling “om” from Everest.

It seemed that no – one really heard,

Or didn’t want to listen at all,

In the hecticness as the world swirled.

But from the peaks, perhaps people heard the call,

Of what I wanted to say to the world.

Everyone seemed in such a twirl,

Luckily, I met you, my very own darling girl.

Eventually, when I could find the time,

To the Himalayas, I did climb.

I wanted to see if I could speak from a peak,

And say things clearly, that no – one would think was freak.

I took a deep breath, sipped water for my thirst,

Let out my song with gusto, quite nervously, at first.  

What came out was not a doubt. Not a yelp. Not a shout.

But a perfect tune, to help the world out.

Did you know ? What my silent song was all about ?

If my voice could magnify the sound,

I could send the tune to the sky, all around.

Perhaps the trees would resonate my cry,

And the notes of my harmonica would fly.

Nobody seemed bothered, nor care at all,

So I pinned one of my music sheets, to a Himalayan wall.

The people gathered from all around,

To hear me singing, and read my poems of sound, 

And it was magic that they found.

As I stood on Machapuchre, to tell them all, on the ground.

I didn’t quite know where to begin,

So I played a single note on my violin.

The rythmns the strings made, shook the trees,

Even causing a flap amongst the bees.

A minute’s silence please,

So the world’s population can hear with ease.

As the ceasefire lasted for a minute, echoes continued in soundwaves,

Telling mankind, they were no longer slaves.

Maybe, in my guitar hum,

The human race could hear the sound of the “om”.

If it’s sent from the highest place on Earth,

Even Kings and Queens would know it’s worth.

A tribute from the highest place known to man,

Sung in order to bring peace to everyone.

If in every one of the glacial snowflakes,

There is a drop of solace, to bring tranquillity as the dawn awakes,

As I sing my song, so strong,

Clouds will verily travel along,

On it, my kisses will find a place where they can belong,

Blown on the wind, towards the Sun,

Will be a drop of calm and even more fun.

Perhaps the breeze, will carry a message of love,

Sent like doves from Everest above.

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

Dedicated to all my friends at the DPHO.


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