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May 15, 2008

Are You In ?

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Honey, been knockin’ on your door,

Tryin’ to get you catch you in,

Do you live at number four ?

Really don’t know where to begin,

So, decided to send you a letter,

Telling you what state I’m in …

Darlin, come and make me better,

I’ve been through thick and thin.



Didn’t want forever to be so lost,

Came to your house, with a Valentine’s to post,

Rat – a – tat – tat, is the key on your mat ?

I’m sat at your door, along with your cat,

Honey, tell me, are you in ?

Went around the backyard, but tripped into the bin !

Tried to keep as quiet as a pin,

Then cried out at the top of my voice “Babe, are you in ?”,

You’re leavin m’head in a real, darn spin.


Shall I come at nine or ten ?

I always pass by your gate, every now and then.

You said … please come by my house at six,

Now, I’m sat like a cat on hot bricks,

So very nervous that I’m almost sick,

Knockin’ and knockin’, my hand almost sticks,

Just thinking of your performing some of your magic tricks …

Then tried ringing your doorbell, as well,

Are you upstairs or downstairs, I really can’t tell !

Please don’t reply, through the letterbox “Go to hell !”.



All I want is to catch a glimpse of you,

Of you passing by your window,

Should I come around two ?

Are you in ? Should I call out ?

Maybe, the neighbours will wonder what all the shouting is about …

Honey, if the police let me, I’d break down you door,

If I thought you didn’t want me anymore,

But I guess, I’d be left wondering what I’m coming round for …


Honey, are you in ? only with you can I really win ! (repeat to


© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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