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May 15, 2008

The Science Of Love

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Honey, you’re the only reason, that I go to school,

I study physics, so I won’t be such a fool.

I also study history, too,

So when I get old, I won’t age always be loved by you.

In the morning, when I get out my books,

I even study cookery, with a hundred and one cooks,

And the only reason for this, I know,

Is so we can dine together, it looks, does it show ?



The science of love is a difficult thing to learn,

But if I study oh ! so hard,

Perhaps, soon it will be my turn.

Can’t stand anymore being goody – goody,

Honey, be my study buddy,

Don’t want to be forever lonely,

Want to study with you and all about you, only.


When we get together, we can share,

The burdens of a lifetime, in our underwear.

At night, I study geography, just so,

I can find my way to your door, in one go,

I study chemistry, so our love potion matches,

I only hope that this love bug catches.

At one or two o ‘ clock, when I’m tossing and turning,

I open my study books – about you I am learning.

And if in class, I find that I’m fainting,

It’s because you were the subject of the portrait I was





I study maths, so you’re my number one,

I want things to add up with you, more than anyone,

I study astrology, so I can throw my cares to the Sun,

Thinking of you, so very much, can’t seem to get my

homework done.

Maybe, if I study all about art,

I’ll find that perhaps, we won’t be so much apart,

If I study diff’rent languages, too, I’ll be able to say,

Honey, I love you, in each and every way … (repeat to


© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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