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May 16, 2008

Hide Behind A Shield

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When we went walking,

Played hide and seek behind a tree,

But, honey, I guess,

I was hopeless at doing things inconspicuously.

When we went strolling along the street,

And you held my hand,

I had real trouble concealing my affections,

Feelings are so difficult to understand.



It’s just so obvious,

Can’t hide it at all,

Want to tell you that I love you,

Shout it out and write it on a wall.


When we went playing in a park,

Really, all I wanted was to hide in the dark,

But you lit my fire, just like a spark,

And couldn’t hide my light behind a bushel,

Wanted to sing about it, just like a lark.

When we spent a week on holiday,

Was trying to get said all the things we don’t usually say,

Tried to erase the look on my face, and rub it away,

But, darlin’, my heart still beat fast, and our love lasted

longer than a day.




When we were washing and ironing our clothes,

Was busy imagining you in absolutely nothing at all,

Brushed my hair, to get ready took an hour,

Even went out to buy you a flower.

When we were together, all afternoon,

My mind drifted off, as I tried to learn this ol’ piano tune,

Spent an hour star – watching and gazing at the Moon,

No wonder that I soon started to croon.




When you look in the mirror, what do you see ?

I bet you’d see through me, eventually, you see,

If you gaze at the reflection of me in the glass,

Do you see a ghostly image of me, as you pass ?

Inside, my head just went “BOOM !”,

And all around, the planets I started to zoom,

Throughout all of this, I thought of you,

Floating around the universe, as around Jupiter, I quickly




You can try to hide behind a shield,

Even run away across a field,

But, it’ll be hopeless, the love I have for you, cannot be


I’m so thoroughly in love with you,

Yet, all you do is tell me that we’re through. (repeat to


© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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