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May 17, 2008

Hole In The Head

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I need this like a hole in the head,

Wanted a million pounds, but got nickels, instead,

Wanted a dozen red roses, but now they’re all dead,

Wanted to splash in cool waters, but my flippers were lead.



Really don’t need it, one bit at all,

Wanted to live life completely off the wall,

Wanted someone to pick me up if I begin to fall,

It ain’t you babe, not you one bit,

You stand me up, when I need to sit,

Won’t someone find me somebody else instead,

Honey, need your kinda love like a hole a head.

Wanted to be as free as a bird,

Not be stuck in the middle of a threesome, like lemon curd,

Wanted to throw caution to the wind,

Wanted to live like an angel, but honey, I sinned.



Wanted someone to take me out,

Need it like a hole in the head, when we scream and shout,

Only wanted someone to get rid if every doubt,

Not to be left right going round a right roundabout.


Just wanted someone to be a friend,

Not for someone to tell me they want things to end,

Needed it like a hole in the head,

Didn’t need sleepless nights tossin’ and turnin’ in bed.




Need it like a hole in the head, some of the nasty things you


Only wanted to feel your warmth, not see red,

Thought that our love was forever, you said,

But find something different, now that we’re wed.




Wanted to be open, but only got shut,

Only wanted true lovin’, but only got cut.

Only wanted to be understood,

Luckily, darlin’, ya’ read me like a book.

© Jacqueline Richards 2008


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