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May 17, 2008

My Head’s In Bits

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My head’s in bits,

It seems that nothin’ fits,

Can’t piece things together,

It’s really the pits.


Monday to Friday, every day,

I once knew what I’d be doing,

Now, don’t know if it’s Monday, or Sunday !

Before the rainclouds brought a big puddle,

Life never used to be in such a muddle.

I ask, “What’s the reason for this confusion ?”,

Honey it’s you, and your upside – down love, that’s the





Things in my life, were organised well,

Till you came along and apart they fell,

Seems like you cast a magic spell,

That made everything upside – down and chaotic, as well.

Used to live life so tidily,

But now I’m in a mess,

Everything’s turned crazy,

You make my world topsy – turvy.




Used to have everything ordered and neat,

Until you came to play,

Now things ain’t so sweet,

Now all around me is in disarray.

Once upon a time, things didn’t spoil,

But you wrecked havoc in my life,

And now I’m in turmoil.

Ever since this love affair, went off the boil.




Since your exodus,

All my life’s turned into chaos,

Did you have to cause such a fuss ?

Prefer things smooth – running between the two of us.

Only pandemonium, nine ’till five,

Living life like pickin’ up crumbs,

Just tryin’ to stay alive,

I try to strive, but just take a nose – dive.




© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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