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May 17, 2008


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Somethings simply remind me of you,

A simple ray of sunshine and a rainbow, too,

A simple paddle in the sea,

A card simply just signed “from me”.

A star in the sky, our favourite song,

These simple things remind that we’re still going strong.



Babe, you may think I’m simple,

But I’m reminded of you,

By every gal with a dimple.

Though no – one else loves me like you do.


Can’t stand things complicated,

Just simple things keep us ingratiated.

A diamond ring, an old ribbon found in the draw,

Babe, somethings remind me of you,

When the floorboard creaks, by the door.




An old card, your favourite tune,

These simple somethings remind me of how I used to swoon,

I think of you, every time I look at the Moon.

Simple somethings, like when I find your old sock,

Or a silver chain, that you used to keep by the clock.


Your best old tie, a bird in the sky,

Reminds me of the times, that we spent, when I made you cry.

Honey, these things may mean nothing to anyone but me,

But, they remind me of the times when you once loved me.

A simple giggle, a girl in the street’s wiggle,

Instead of someone else, I see you,

They remind me of when we holidayed,

And how we chatted as we flew.

I keep the ticket, as a souvenir,

They remind me of all our yesteryear.

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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