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May 18, 2008

Be Gentle With Me

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Be gentle with me,

Don’t be rough, take things easily,

A soft touch, a warm caress,

Darlin’ put back together this mess,

Give me hope, when I feel hopeless,

And the world makes me feel that no – one cares less.


Stroke me gently, don’t forget,

This is probably the most vulnerable that I’ve ever been, yet.

Be as soft, as cotton wool,

And if you’re that gentle, then I’ll be ya’ gal.


Babe, be as gentle as you can be,

Where there’s no hiding place, give me santuary,

Take away all despair and worry,

Don’t do anything in too much of a hurry,

Babe, be so ghostly, I can hardly tell,

Whether its your breath or angels’ wings,

Tickling my toes and fingers as well, just as Gabriel sings.


Make your touch as light as a feather,

A gentle breeze in Summer, whatever the weather,

Or a melted snowflake on my face,

Make your kiss land in just the right place.

Be as gentle as you possibly can,

Like Leonardo in the Cistene chapel,

Who reached out just to touch man.



Babe, be gentle and light as a cloud,

Perhaps, I will do things that ain’t normally allowed,

But, make sure it’s just between you and me,

Tell me you “love me” and I’ll whisper, “truly”.

Babe, make your promises, pure and light,

Do things to me, that leave a bit less up tight,

Where I have worry, make them alright.

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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