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May 18, 2008

Jumped Ship Just To Be With You

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Cape Horn to Portsmouth,

East to West, North to South,

Was lookin’ for a gal,

To make a love nest in the crow’s nest.

Whilst we were stationed on the quay,

In the mirage, you were lookin’ at me.



I was a sailor, adrift on a lonely sea,

Till you came to rescue me,

Now it’s ships ahoy !

I love you boy !

Quickly learned to adore you,

Can I anchor on a shore with you ?

As above, seagulls flew,

I jumped ship just to be with you.


Being a sailor on board ship,

Is really not all that hip,

There’s no gal, ya’ know in the crew,

No – one matches the beauty of you.

All I long for is to be home,

Every letter I receive is like a love poem.

When I was lost, you were my shooting star,

Ten miles off the coast,

But with your navigation, not so far.

Life was like a thunderstorm,

The waves were rough, but romance started to form,

The Captain, said, “Let’s head that way !”,

As we glided into port, the vision of you, took my breath





By sunrise, after a day in your arms,

It’s no surprise, that I was soon mesmerised by your charms,

You threw a rose into the waters of the bay,

Even the starfish sparkled, as the ship began to sway.

Honey, don’t be a shark,

Don’t wait for me, in rough waters after dark.

The winds carry me faster towards you,

In my pockets, to keep me safe is a keepsake, from you,

I hold it dear to my heart, it’s one of your charms,

All I long for is to be home, safe in your arms.

A passionate embrace, far away from this place,

You’re the reason for the Captain’s race.

But it’s really your love that’s keepin’ me afloat,

Tossed on the surf travelling on this boat … (repeat to


© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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