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May 20, 2008

Answer Every Prayer I Ever Prayed

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I prayed for a miracle, you arrived as a spectacle,

I prayed for peace, you came to give me release.

I prayed for a sweet kiss, you threw me a honey – stealer,

And made sure it didn’t miss.

I prayed for Sun all Sunday, when you came, the clouds blew


I prayed for rain, so the flowers would grow.

As you came along, new shoots started to show.

I prayed that my beauty would be magnified.

As I prayed harder, my prayer was deified.

I prayed for a moment’s rest, you appeared and put my head

to your breast.

I prayed for the sanctuary of a romantic fella,

Eventually, you allowed me to share your umbrella.

I prayed for for a bed, to lay down my head, you gave me a


“Love you forever”, you said, as we wed.

I prayed for a star, to show me the way.

By your house the sky was never grey.

I prayed for a little bit of magic.

Along you came, performing a magic trick.

I prayed for something extra – ordinairy to happen.

We were apart, and now we’re back on.

I prayed for warmth, when I felt cold,

I prayed to be young when I felt old,

I prayed for a fairy tale to be told,

I prayed to be rich and you gave me gold.

I prayed for heaven, you got here at seven.

I prayed for you, do you pray for me, too ?

Thank heavens for you, and what you do,

You’re really a miracle, a dream come true.

Whether namaste, shalom, or the peace of the Lord,

Hear my prayer, answer every word.

If I wasn’t sure a miracle was there,

I said “Amen”, and you were soon, everywhere.

No wonder I was really dismayed,

I guess it must’ve been a miracle, because, last night, you


To answer each and every prayer, that I ever prayed.

Prayed forever and ever, “Amen”.

When nothing much happened, started praying again.

I pray daily, just so there can be, one or two miracles,

Naturally, between you and me … (repeat to fade).

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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