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May 28, 2008

It’s Time To Put Me Down, My Lord

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You lifted me up, when I was a heavy burden,

Carried me over the puddles in heaven’s garden,

Didn’t seem to mind, my muddy footprints at all,

That headed towards and stopped at your garden wall.


When I could hardly stand at all,

You lead me down heaven’s footpath, away from it tall.

You raised me over the cracks in the pavement,

Explained to me slowly, when I didn’t know what the words


Summer’s rainy days came and went,

But I was sheltered from the wet by the umbrella that you


When I was weak and couldn’t hold my own weight,

You held me firm and was my best mate,

Grasped me in your arms, so strong,

Gave me a haven, when I felt I didn’t belong.


When I was hot and started to wilt,

I drank from stream on the bridge that you built,

When my tired legs started to fail,

You gave me a walking stick, to help me over the


Although I may wobble and totter a little at first,

I know you’ll feed me, and quench my thirst.

Guide me when I am lost, be kinder to me than most,

Open your arms wide in welcome, and be a good host.



As I became gradually older and older,

Thankfully, you carried me on your shoulder.

But now in old age’s light, I know the way alright,

You can put me down, Lord, I’m quite alright.

Find a rock where I will be,

Save and sound, in God’s garden sanctuary,

Give me a map, to peace and tranquillity,

And guide me to a lifetime of harmony.

© Jacqueline Richards 2008


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