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May 30, 2008

Touch The Skies

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I used to walk only looking down to the ground,

Didn’t have that much time to look around,

Sadly, only shadows, not a single sixpence, was found,

So, I decided to leap to make the world shake as I bound.

I reached out a lonely hand,

Hoping that perhaps the globe would be spanned,

It wasn’t planned, do you understand,

I only wanted to magic the skies, waving a magic wand.



As I stretched out my arm, into outer space,

Stardust sprinkled onto my face,

The brightest meteorite, was of course, sparkling bright,

To help me see you, darling, all night.

I pointed it out, telling ya’ there’s nothing to be frightened

about …

And as I reached out, I found I could touch the skies,

Saturn was spinning about, a whole cosmos was reflected in

your eyes.


At night, as well, I gazed at the skies,

When along a shooting star appeared,

It was quite a surprise,

Hidden behind the clouds, the Moon was in disguise.

Darlin’, if I reach out to you,

Will you reach out, too ?

Together we’ll touch the stars, us two,

And zoom into the universe, as lovers do.



© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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