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June 12, 2008

Just Unjust Injustice

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Justice, you are my greatest guru,

I have no greater love for anyone but you, I really do,

So when you ask me, “What do you hope for most ?”

Justice and joy, peace and prosperity,

Love and laughter, health and happiness is what I’d toast …

My simple answer is plain and true …

No – one else loves honesty the way that I honestly do.

What is it in life that’s such a must ?

To make injustice much less unjust.

If every man on the Earth,

Just did his bit, just as he’s worth …

Then there’d be a meeting between South and North.

It really must be a matter of trust,

That builds bonds between us and nations that are just.

Despite, all around us, there’s grime and dust,

Whenever I’m looking for solace,

I find it sheltered, on your bust.

We’re always looking for reasons to explain why,

So let’s look to be guided by principles so high.

Man’s greatest ambition must be to construct,

Reaching out a hand, how understanding can conduct,

Then, my guru, you’ll have no more need to instruct.

Does democracy really have to cause a revolution ?

Perhaps with justice, there’s a better solution.

We start simply – you and me – romantically,

Soon, between billions of us, there’s equity, equality, fraternity,

If we all look for justice long enough, also, maybe harmony.

Every man wants to leave a mark of Man,

To raise, strive, be as good as he can,

But my mark, will be just this – justice,

An end to unfairness, with a kiss.

In the search for decency, I hope it won’t miss.

If I shake ya’ hand, on the way,

Do ya’ believe there’ll be justice ever one day ?

I say that justice is my one and true hope,

That in you, I trust, then I can cope,

And just make life just …. just by throwing a rope.

© Jacqueline Richards 2008


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