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June 13, 2008

Longing For Belonging

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I’m homeless because you showed me the door,

Haven’t a place to call my own, anymore,

Livin’ life like a rolling stone, on the floor,

Sleeping around outside a supermarket store.

If I was a rabbit, I’d have a hutch,

But I’m like a balloon, floating out of clutch,

Perhaps a tree – house would be much better,

But you posted me away, just like a letter.


A place to call my own, is where I wanna be,

But, honey, footloose and fancy free,

Is what’s become of you and me.

No bed, no roof over my head,

Was looking for a palace,

But found ya’ bachelor pad instead.

If I was a dog, a kennel would be a good place to hide my


Darling, I’m longing for belonging, just to settle down.

It’s such a shame, a cat and mouse race,

Except there’s nowhere to go at the end of the chase.

A mouse without a mousehole,

A millionaire striker, but no place to kick a goal,

Two monkies swinging apart in a tree,

A ship afloat on a stormy sea.



An eagle flying in the skies above,

An arrow from Cupid, shot with no love,.

Just like a garden gnome,

Honey, I’m deserted, I have no home.

Ever since ya’ threw me out on the street,

I’m just like a tramp, with no – one to greet,

Like a snail in a cabbage patch,

Eaten, beaten, defeaten, is what’s become of our love –



Like a piece of confetti, impossible to snatch,

Whatever happened to the town’s greatest catch ?

A spider without a cobweb of my own,

All I wanted was a love nest, but now, off I have flown.

We were two love birds, when our love was best,

Once we were buzzing, but now we’re like a hornet’s nest,

Back here on my mother’s step,

Our romance, like our dance, is hopelessly out of step.


A bee with no beehive, just trying to stay alive,

A dancer with no jive,

Honey, that’s what it’s like being ya’ high five and dive wife,

But now I find I have nowhere to live.

Rather than walk the talk, when I talked, you walked,

We met at a crossroads, our paths met, then forked.

Our house is like a mousehole without a mouse,

Just like a ghost in haunted house.


A cat with no rug, spider with no plug,

“D’ya love me ?”, I ask, but you just shrug,

Darling hold me, I’m an empty coffee mug,

Needing a hug.

Wanted to raise the roof and be uplifted,

But instead of a home, I’m a dolphin that’s drifted.

Just like a mermaid, nothing stayed,

I’m a firefly, looking for shade.

Anyway, why do ya’ need a place to belong,

It’s much more enlightening, to fly away in a song … repeat

to fade.

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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