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June 14, 2008

Painter’s Lament

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Thank heavens that I’m not colour blind,

When I’m painting pictures of you in my mind.

I see colours – blue and red,

Images of orange spinning around in my head.

Babe, you are a rainbow, the most beautiful, yet,

With all the colours of an artists’ palette,

A masterpiece, the most marvellous, I bet.

I put on my spectacles, to see a little more clearly,

Open the curtains, to throw light in the room, ideally.

As the Sun’s rays fall on your face,

There’s a kaleidoscope,

A trace of purple all over the place.

Just want to capture this quaint moment,

As dim light makes my memory faint,

Want everyone to know you’re magnificent,

Revisualised in colourful paint.

In my sketchbooks, you can see,

How I’ve observed your good looks,

How I’m bewitched by your majesty,

Every inch, studied, as pretty as a picture,

Reconstituted, in oils, this watery mixture.

I dare say, though I try, I’ll fail,

To represent a likeness, that’ll never pale.

How else can a humble painter express,

But in yellow and gold his feelings of happiness ?

I wonder how many millions of pounds, my creation one day,

may fetch,

How many millions of people may come to adore my sketch.

But it’s in my heart, that this old painter makes the best etch.

Although for a thousand years, your image on a wall, may sit,

You’ll always breath life into that dusty old frame,

For all eternity, everyone’ll say you’re exquisite,

Even people who never had the privilege of seeing you in

close – up, will know your name.

Bringing the delight of you, for generations to come,

As I engrave away, it’s your favourite tune, I hum.

Scratching as I’m watching, the Sun’s indigo with a touch of


Be at peace, don’t move, heavens’ above !

Else I may miss or accidentally smudge, this perfect vision of


© Jacqueline Richards 2008
Dedicated to the old masters of the Renaissance.

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