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June 14, 2008

Rainbow Warrior

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Neither cold or hot,

War is a not.

What have we got,

If there’s war a lot ?

Not a lot.


Where East meets West,

Bring ease, peace and rest.

Your election was the aspiration of the nation,

Don’t disappoint us, with an atomic creation.

Don’t run away or go on vacation.

Let not your judgment be subtracted,

Listen to others and don’t be distracted.

If it seems that hate and vengeance over – boils,

Remember to the victors are the spoils,

The world watches as a fraught spring uncoils.

Lead the country, with wisdom and courage,

And you’ll be remembered after many an age.

When it seems that everything is forlorn,

Heading a ship, in waters war – torn,

Just be honest and the truth will be re – born.

Look up and see a rainbow,

Bringing peace to people below.

In the colours of the Sun’s rays,

Know that you’re building brighter, enlightened days.

That really is what the fight is for – a world without war.

The rainbow stretches from here to there,

Bringing it’s magic everywhere.

Ensuring that two sides meet,

Not a conquest, but two sides of the same street.

An arc, an umbrella, bringing a footpath to a park, a seat.

When it seems like outrages wage hour after hour,

Somewhere, someone is throwing you a flower,

Take strength from it’s spirit and feel it’s power.

In the heat of the day, feel the coolness of a rain shower.

I’m here waiting, when the battle is won,

Together we’ll rest in the peace of the Sun.

If you look closely at a rainbow, you’ll see it has two sides,

side – by – side,

Just as men have two arms, that can welcome open –


Every small wave brings closer a tide,

Step – by – step, soldiers meet midway, as they stride.

Like a rainbow, being a soldier, brings together two

separate sides,

Finding common ground, which peace keeping guides.

When the war is waged and you return home,

It’s in my arms that you can shelter from storm.

Petals on our pillow … the calm starts to form.


© Jacqueline Richards 2008


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