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June 14, 2008

Throw A Snowball Of Happiness

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When the temperature drops so low,

That everything around you is icy snow,

I’ll make a snowball, and with gusto throw,

Sending ya’ every bit of love, I know.

Maybe inside that icy ball,

Will be contained happiness,

Which sprinkles as it falls,

Showering smiles, with snowball calls.

The snowball takes an hour to roll,

It becomes quite big, with all the love in my soul.

It’s coming towards you, rapidly downhill,

As you smile, my ice Queen heart melts, like a grill.

Some of the snow has melted on my glove,

It must be a golden Midas touch, with a bit of magic love,

As the love snowball glides through the air,

You watch it heading towards you – look out over there !

In the middle of these frosty crystals,

Will be caught a little bit of my heart,

To make you warmer still,

And remind you of me, when we’re apart.

The weather outside, is cold and grey,

But, luckily, a bit of love is heading ya’ way,

Catch my snowball of happiness to lighten ya’ frosty day,

So even December, will spring like May..

No wonder that you slip and slide,

Don’t duck, dive or run away as it glides …

In everyone of the beautiful flakes,

Will be the passion that romance makes.

Designed especially, to melt the ice,

To send me back another one’d be rather nice.

Catch it if you can – a snowball of happiness to my favourite man,

Even if ya’ slip off track, make the snowball bigger and

throw it back … (repeat to fade).


© Jacqueline Richards 2008



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