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July 3, 2008

Multi – Millionaire Masterpiece

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Manna to the Earth,

Dropping like raindrops,

A million pounds worth,

In the sky, very soon,

A shiny dime will be the Moon,

Like the Sun, glistening over gloom,

Playing a rich, golden tune.

My multi – millionaire masterpiece,

A treasure chest in Greece,

From dark clouds, there’ll be release,

And all the world’s poverty will decrease.

Only the economy will radiantly increase.

Taking a sip from the golden chalice of a generous priest,

If one each day, a nickel starts to fall,

Maybe each penny might breakdown poverty’s wall.

There’ll be an end to poverty, all the world over,

With riches from above here.

Not a penny more, nor a penny less.

A million dollars jackpot,

To a million people, a million nickels of happiness.

When the price is right,

Money won’t be so tight,

With pennies from Heaven,

You can take me out tonight.

If the Moon’s a balloon,

Then the Sun plays a radiant tune,

Every note will be a diamond,

Made from silver and gold,

Falling on hillsides made of emeralds,

With as many rubies as it’s possible to hold.

Maybe all that glistens is not gold,

Shining Sun’s rays, in colours, oh ! so bold !

© Jacqueline Richards 2008
Dedicated to Alistair Darling.

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