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July 9, 2008

What Happens Next ?

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Was so sure, but really don’t know anymore,

What happens next, when you walk out the door ?

Should I collapse in a heap on the floor ?

What happens next, once you’ve gone away,

Should I wait here for you all day ?

I’d much rather if you were able to stay.

What happens next, is it over for good ?

Shall we get back together, as I know that we should,

Shall we make everything understood ?


What happens next, will I see you again ?

Hoping for Sun, but there’s only rain,

Nothin’ much to do, ‘cept stare from the windowpane.

What happens next, shall we discuss it at length ?

Will you drop by, when you need a bit of strength ?

Honey, let’s make sure we’re back on the same wavelength.

What happens next, shall I sit and wait for things to get

great ?

Will you ever be passing by my gate ?

Were destined to be together, honey, it seems it’s our fate.

What happens next, will you remember me ?

Or – will be always thinking of the way things ought to be ?

Maybe, we’ll see eye to eye eventually.

What happens next, will you forget all that was said ?

Although, you’re now gone, you’re still in my head,

Can’t decide if we should be together, or apart, instead.

What happens next, day by day, time passes by,

Minutes tick, and still time can fly,

Wondering hour after hour, will things sweeten or be

forever sour ?

What happens next, praying for a miracle, watch wait and


Is it that we’re so well suited, but we cannot be free,

In my heart of heats, I’m imagining you coming back to me ?

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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