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July 10, 2008

Catchin’ The Sun

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Catch the Sun in your open arms,

Embrace it’s rays and feel it’s charms,

See how even ice it warms,

No qualms, hear the Sun’s message, sung like Brahms.



In a while, you’ll have a sunny smile,

Praying to the Sun goddess, soleil – style.


Catch the Sun in a loving embrace,

Let is cover and lighten your face,

Engulfing all of the human race,

Bringing Gods’ goodness and his grace.


Catchin’ the Sun, mesmerised, as it shone,

Where there was darkness, the Sun shines bright,

With it’s peace, let there be light,

If you catch a bit of it’s gold, everythin’ll be alright.


If life seems full of woe,

You’re lost on your road,

So you don’t know which way to go,

Try unlocking the power of a Tai Chi glow.


Taking strength from the Sun, across the city,

All over, bathed in it’s purity,

With a vision of electricity,

When in Sunlight, everything seems so pretty.


Spinning into orbit,

The cloud hanging over me becomes lit,

Lifted from out of this pit,

As I catch the Sun, though in starlight, we sit.

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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