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July 24, 2008

A Sugar Stealer Stole My Heart

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Can’t feel any love in my heart,

Warm feelings disappeared when we’re apart,

Must have been took,

I’m running out of luck …

It was here strongly beating,

But got stole by a crook.



Must have been a sugar stealer that floated by this way,

‘Cos someone or something took my heart away,

With a light, feathery touch, landed briefly, to steal it,

Took all the passion in my heart, and now I can’t feel it !


Just stole a glimpse the other way,

So whenever I see you – my heart races all day,

Only sweet kisses traces, on the cheek of a hundred girls


Now it’s gone, can’t feel the Sun,

There’s a sticky trail of sugar,

Left like crumbs from a honey bun.


Precious moments, by sugar stealers are stolen,

Captured in the glistening rays of the Sun, so golden,

Something took my breath away,

In a sugar stealer moment, caught, as we lay in the hay,

I spotted a sugar stealers captured in your luscious hair,

Surrounded by sweetness everywhere.

In just one puff, there appeared sugary starlight stuff,

Blown by the wind, a very slight snuff,

A sugary stealer bringing a kiss of love (repeat to fade)

© Jacqueline Richards 2008



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