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July 27, 2008

Blessed Are The Peace – Makers

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Blessed are the peace – keepers,

For they shall inherit the Earth,

Blessed are the meek and mild,

For they know what kindness is worth.

Blessed is me and blessed is you,

Blessed together, a virgin becomes two.

We’re all kinda blessed, you guessed,

So, a whole community is addressed.



So blessed, in fact,

We’re kept on track, intact.

Blessed waters flow so calmly,

Blessed pools, calm so warmly.

If it is that some cannot see,

Or that one against one, man cannot be free,

Then, maybe, if we pray long enough,

A peace – keeper will pass by, our way, bringing love.


Bless his prayer and bless this house,

Bless the crumbs dropped for the mouse,

Bless this morning, and all this day,

Bless this song and what I have to say.



Left to right,

Peace – keepers keeping troubles slight,

Making sure everything’s alright,

Blessed and fortunate,

Sent from Heaven like angels, pure and white,

A shining star to guide you on a dark, Winter’s night,

Blessed peace – keepers, harvest reapers,

Acrobatic leapers.



Blessed are the peace – keepers,

Who bring together two separate sides,

Blessed be the place in the middle,

Where peaceful a waterfall resides.

Blessed are those who swim there,

Blessed be their haven without a care,

Bless the holy water with sanctity so there’s Heaven there,

And blessed butterflies everywhere.



Blessed are we,

Precious light enabling us to see,

Blessed as one in harmony.

When all the world is in tumult at war,

Let his blessings reassure.

May you find, in that sacred, heavenly cross,

The blessing that brings together the two of us,

Living happily ever after, together, thus .. (repeat to fade).

© Jacqueline Richards 2008


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