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July 31, 2008

Wanna Tell ‘Ya I Love ‘Ya, But I Can’t

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Wanna tell ya’ that I love ya’,

But I can’t,

Wanna tell ya’ angels’re ‘bove ya’,

But I daren’t.


Wanna say you’re so special to me,

Nobody moves me, let’s be a family.

Darlin’, been thinking about you all day,

But just can’t find the right words to say,

My mind’s been wandering,

I’m anywhere, but here,

Darlin’, was wondering,

Will you love me always, my dear ?


I’m fumbling, so nervous,

I’m shaking inside,

Love’s making me delerious,

No sound comes out, though my mouth’s open wide.

Wanna tell you, you’re so gorgeous to watch.

Wanna tell ya’ your beauty really has no match.

But, is it that we’re not speaking in the same tongue ?

Though my feelings’re strong and I hope it lasts long.



My lips are quivering,

My knees are shivering,

Trying to buck up the courage to say “I do”,

But I’m dithering, I’m so very in love with you.

I’m feeling faint, my mouth’s dry

Sun should be shining but it ain’t,

All I want is to let out a cry …

I love you and I just cannot lie.

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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