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August 1, 2008

War & Peace

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Peace is such a beautiful word,

That leaders built a palace to it.

A palace so beautiful, it dazzled everyone,

Amazed by the magnitude of gold, glistening in the Sun.

Whatever time of the day, a dove flew over the palace,

To bring peace in our time and then flew away.

All because of that fearless dove, the clouds parted,

As the dove started to sway,

To offer in an olive branch, it’s love,

With a little bit of peace from Heaven above.

Just so people could come from all over the world,

Could marvel at the haven of heaven …

And thus peace unfurled.

From the Taj Mahal, in India,

To the Peace Palace in the Hague,

The dove of peace, circum – navigated it’s path.

Looking for freedom,

Although some of it’s route was vague.

Fleeing over the mountains,

Taking a rest in the still waters of a bird bath.

Though the wind sometimes blew it off course,

Stormy weather made it’s journey considerably worse.

The dove of peace, still, stayed right on track,

Determined to fly peace, all the way there and back.

An online branch, in it’s beak,

The dove was looking for,

And found enough peace for a week.

It’s guided path, took the dove all over the world,

So to speak.

Just so everyone could her the sermon of peace,

Offer the other cheek,

Find the sanctuary that many people did seek,

The dove glided over a mountain peak.

Above the noise, life’s confusion and frustration,

There was soaring jubilation,

As the dove of peace flew over every nation.

When all the people down below,

Had a different way of each saying “hello”,

No – one seemed to care, know or understand,

The dove a solemn “coo”.

The coo – ing birdsong brought peace,

Giving all us prisoners release.

Over Australia and towards Greece,

From Afghanistan, then onto Nice,

Mankind (though it sometimes needed binoculars),

Saw the dove of peace.

Soon, everyone far and wide,

Who hadn’t previously understood, or tried,

Heard the “coo” of the dove and cried –

“Hallelujah ! Amen, Amen !”

 Let’s see if we can see the dove again”.

If, now and then, there ever begins trouble,

That very same dove flies over,

Building peace – keeping bridges in the rubble !

Not a shadow of a bird of prey,

Vultures or swarms of locusts, on a hurricane,

But a dove of peace, floating on a light breeze.

Indeed, when the dove of peace,

Sometimes became tired,

Mankind saw the dove’s peace – keeping attempts,

Felt the dove’s energy.

From their struggle, tired men were inspired.

Although, sometimes, clouds made the dove unable to


All over the land and the see,

He still had a telescope, from me.

As he peered, the dove coo – ed peacefully.

If it ever appeared that something might burst the

dove’s peaceful bubble,

The dove dropped a feather, to made sure it didn’t


Amidst the confusion and the strife,

The dove cut with a harrier jet through the clouds,

Like a knife.

From here to there, as the dove of peace glided


Snowflakes peacefully fell, showing we do care.

Where there were raindrops of worry,

The warmth of the dove in the Sun melted them all,

So only tranquillity worldwide by mankind is it now

possible to recall.

If, by chance the dove headed off in the wrong direction,

This way or that,

It didn’t mean that he was misguided, or wrong,

But was on a mission of peace, that’s what it was.

Just that.

Finally, as the dove made it all the way around the

globe, it showed to all mankind,

How to fly to a peace palace,

Find a place where a dove can belong,

And make peace – keeping bonds that hold strong.

The dove became a harrier jet, that’s still bringing

peace to the world, as much as it can get or let.

Underneath the rainbow, glistening in the wet.

A dove that casts no shadows, in the sunset.

© Jacqueline Richards 2008



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