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August 5, 2008

Even Love You In The Supermarket Queue

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At the bus – stop, in the supermarket, too,

There is always a queue for you,

Just to see you, it’s true,

You really are a spectacular view.

Girl, at the checkout,

In the supermarket queue,

Let’s check it out,

Get together and hang out,

Let’s see what special offer we can find out …

Maybe, to you, I’m just another customer in the queue,

But, girl, l loved you from the minute that I saw you.

Walked up and down in the aisle, all afternoon,

As the special offers rose up and down,

I sang to you this tune.

In between the tins of peas and cartons of ice – cream,

I noticed you at the till, you really are a dream,

Buying fizzy lemonade … the sound of the escalator begins

to fade,

Together, to the ringing of trolleys, what great music we


Wishing you love, in our trade.

Over shelves containing vegetables and tins of fruit,

I glanced at the price of a new suit,

It wasn’t my size (no surprise),

Looked over the warm bread for sale,

And gazed into your eyes.

Didn’t really need another bag of sugar,

But I walked back, just to see you,

Do you always check for bargains as much as I do ?

I bet not, ‘cos it’s just to see you,

Honey, fell in love with you on the picnic, we had, too.

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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