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August 5, 2008

Lovin’ You Is Easier With A Little Bit Of Christmas Razzmatazz

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Christmas is always jolly good fun,

‘Till I’ve kissed you under the mistletoe,

Can’t get anything done,

There’re lots of presents and lovin’ for everyone.

Darlin’, it’s easy to love you,

You’re pretty amazing, it’s true,

My heart beats, when you’re near,

Not just at yuletide, but also all year.



‘Cept as the snow starts to fall,

Suddenly, I remember, it’s December,

Time to have a ball.

As angels fall down from above,

I’m bedazzled by your love,

It was easy to fall in love with you,

But with a little bit of Christmas razzmatazz,

Lovin’ you is even easier to do.

Doesn’t take tinsel, to make you look fine,

Even without fairy lights, your eyes just seem to shine,

My rosy cheeks blush, with or without wine,

Darlin’, I’m just wishin’ that you’ll be mine.

Doesn’t take a carol concert,

I’ve been practising this hymn, forever,

My spirit raises, with songs of praises,

Especially, with Christmas razzmatazz,

Our love’ll end never, but amazes.



Doesn’t even need a star,

To make me admire you, from afar,

The stable door has been left ajar,

All year, I’ve waiting for this cha – cha.

Nothing makes me feel so fine,

As we drink wind and dine by the Christmas pine .

Even without a pantomine,

Darlin’ this Christmas will you be mine ?

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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