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August 20, 2008

The Sweetest Sound

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The sweetest sound ever heard,

Is the tune of peace, like the song of a bird.

Although, I know, it’s kinda absurd,

How it leaves me speechless, in a single word.

The sweetest sound that rings in my ears,

Is silence, in rythmical highs and lows, it cheers.

Although in no decibels it blows as it appears,

It’s magic comes, yet, never goes, over the years.



When you hear me hum, in the distance,

Sweet melodies reverberate, quite by chance.

On this song’s soundwaves, is peace, irridescent,

A simple good wish, of peace, is sent,

On a warm breeze, smell it’s heavenly scent,

When blown in a kiss, a piece of Heaven’s sent.

When the song is sung, in that brief interlude,

Shhh … a brief pause … that ‘s the time that peace is ours.


Even though peace makes no sound at all,

Peace – makers’ names are easy to recall.

Peace reverberates around loudly through every wall.

So all our boundaries, then crumble and fall.

Peace is the sweetest sound to call of them all.

When the world’s walls are built, as a divide,

It is peace’s thud, that breaks them down, as “peace” is


Washed away is confusion, hate, intolerance, with love as it’s


There’s nowhere to hide, when peace’s soundwaves drift in

on the tide.




If everyone of us listens, quiet and still,

There’s a minute of peace, so tranquil,

Above the noise, you’ll find how strong is it’s will,

When anguish is the disease, peace is the pill.

Sometimes, peace can’t be envisaged, soon,

Yet, have faith, in peace’s sweetest tune,

When all else seems broken, peace is a token,

When peace is spoken, friendship is awoken …

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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